♫ ….there’ll be days like this…. ♪♪

Just look at this place on a Saturday morning – why would I ever leave my own beautiful country!

This is Magheramore beach in County Wicklow – about a 30 minute drive from home.






And what – I hear you ask – were you doing out of your comfort zone (i.e. BED!) at 7.30 in Wicklow on a Saturday morning!!!

I’v just enjoyed a blissful mindfulness / art ‘n’ craft weekend run by two new friends – Linda and Mairead – at the Bobbio Centre – a few minutes walk from the beach.

























Signs of Autumn everywhere…..












So here I am – totally chilled after my weekend of early morning swims (yes – we DID get in!!),  walks,  crafts,  meditation,  planting,  great food and even better company.

I’m ready for ANYTHING!!!

So bring it on!!!!


Learn more about my weekend at MindCraft.ie



23 thoughts on “♫ ….there’ll be days like this…. ♪♪

    1. Giant mushrooms indeed but not real! They’re actually carved from tree trunks. I hope you make it here some day – its a beautiful country. Incidentally – when you do come – you’ll have to keep your eyes open for real mushrooms and toadstools. That’s where you’ll find an Irish Leprechaun – sitting underneath, making shoes for the fairies. If you catch him, he must bring you to his crock of gold which he has hidden at the end of the rainbow!!

  1. Lovely photos Marie. I would definitely sign up for a second one!

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  2. Ah, yes! Lovely beaches, lovely walks, lovely scenery, but it was the grey clouds and the constant dampness that drove me from the place. My soul needs light and sun. I’d live in Italy if I could but I’ve settled for somewhere nearer. I miss the craic but not the weather.

    1. I’m with you on that one!!! Sure this would be Utopia itself if we’d more sun…. but then I suppose it’s what makes us what we are ….

  3. Was I Ireland a few weeks ago. Never left County Wicklow !! I told my wife that we have 20+ more visits to Ireland if each county is this gorgeous.

    1. You’ll have to come back – every county has something to offer and they’re all beautiful. That’s your hols sorted for years ahead!!

  4. Ah Marie, it was a magical weekend with amazing people. Thanks so much for joining us for crafting, swimming and many laughs. I was back swimming at Magheramore this morning at sunrise and it was absolutely stunning. Please come back anytime to visit. Big hugs Linda

    1. Good for you – don’t know when my togs will see the light of day again! No doubt our paths will cross in the future – Until then xxxxx

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