Sculpture Saturday

The Famine Memorial along the quays in Dublin comprises a collection of bronze statues by Dubliner Rowan Gillespie.

The statues depict skeletal figures in rags walking towards the ships that will bring them overseas to escape the 19th century Famine.

The location of ‘Famine’ is a particularly appropriate as one of the first voyages of the famine period was on the Perseverance which sailed from Custom House Quay on St. Patrick’s Day 1846. Steerage fare was £3 and all crew and 210 passengers arrived safely in New York on May 18, 1846. Future ships to America became known as ‘coffin ships’ due to the disease and death suffered by those on board.

Sculpture Saturday is  hosted by Ruined for Life

22 thoughts on “Sculpture Saturday

    1. It’s a very moving group of sculptures, I often passed through it when I lived in Dublin, each time it raised various feelings, as if the real people were there. Today in Dublin, all around is the financial district, the wheel of fortune has turned. A few years after Dublin, the same artist also installed a series of sculptures on the port of Toronto, at Ireland Park. There he shows immigrants getting off the boat, the strongest rise up full of hope, the weakest are dying on the ground.

      1. The location is odd at first glance because, as you say, it’s surrounded by the financial district. I love the idea of a matching sculpture at the end of the voyage.

  1. Thank you Marie I have a picture taken from the bus while driving by but could not remember the significance of me taking that shot. I only had two structures in my shot but knew there was a reason I took the picture.

    1. I’m smiling here – I have SO many of those photos!! Even a few I took this summer here at home – I’m now looking at them and thinking – ‘I KNOW there was a reason for this!! At least in the old days one might scribble something on the back when the developed photos arrived in the post!

  2. Heavens, Saturday already! Extremely moving. I have never seen these but will make a point of looking them out when next in Dublin. I usually fly in, get picked up by friends and taken to their place outside Dublin and don’t often get back into the centre. I will rectify that on next visit.

  3. Heavens, Saturday already! Extremely moving and I’m glad you showed these. I’ve never seen them before as when I fly into Dublin, friends who live just outside pick me up and whisk me off to their place and I seldom get back to centreville. I shall rectify that next time and go take my own photographs of these magnificent statues.

    1. I usually pass them in the car – no particular reason to go walking there unless we were heading to the arena for a concert. Much more interesting up close….

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