Cocktail Hour!

Yours truly in the Namibian wilderness, settling down to enjoy the sunset!……(June, 2017)

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22 thoughts on “PULL UP A SEAT PHOTO CHALLENGE 2021: # 41

  1. What a place to put your feet up, Marie! I wouldn’t mind exploring the sun-drenched desert right now in order to escape from the near-constant drizzle here in Sligo.

  2. Looks like an interesting place to sit with your feet up at drink time. We’ve never explored that continent at all. It looks interesting but has never made it to top of the list and now that travel has been curtailed for a few years who knows???

    1. We went there in 2017 – I’d read about it a few years previously and filed it away in my head . we love self drive trips so this fitted the bill but what really sold it was that Namibia is the only country in Africa in which you can self drive in the National Park – it was just fabulous. Its an easy enough country to navigate because there are only so many places and so many roads – there’s basically a tourist loop – only decision is clockwise or anticlockwise!

  3. i’d give my eye teeth for a packet of simba chips!! what flavour are they? Tomato Sauce were always my fave.I lived in RSA for nearly 15 years, as a child in to early 20s

    1. I DOUBT they were Tomato Sauce!!! I’m a chip/crisp addict but Ready-Salted is my thing!!! Cheese and Onion next – then Sour Cream – then Salt and Vinegar!!!

      1. 😅 😂 No that’s OK …. I like tomato sauce…. BUT… tomato sauce flavoured crisps!! – I’ve had to munch through about 3 bags of ready salted just to get the idea out of my head!!!😅 😂
        You’ve reminded me Cath of a colleague some years back – she was addicted to red sauce and put it on everything. She always had a bottle in the staff room but told me that she had several at home – every brand and variety – in her cupboard. Of course she was well able to tell them apart but she associated them all with different moods and chose a particular sauce depending on how she felt at that particular time!

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