Hi.  I’m Marie and you are very welcome to HopsSkipsandJumps.  


If you are reading this you are probably like me – happiest when planning your next trip (or 2…  or 3….!)

I’m a very unlikely victim of a travel bug.   Firstly,  the gene pool – my parents were of that generation that only left Ireland due to emigration. Then,  there are my own ‘limitations’- not great on boats,  can’t really swim,  absolutely no head for heights,  eat too much,  drink too much and questionable fitness level!!

But catch the bug I certainly did and almost 40 years later we are truly stuck with each other!  Two things worked in its favour.  Firstly,  I met a like – minded,  kindred spirit and married him 33 years ago.   Secondly,  we were both in the teaching profession which allowed for extended periods of time for travelling.  Any disposable cash was channelled towards travel and we looked forward to retirement as a vague period when we might head off and finally have that gap year.

Now, as recent early retirees and empty nesters,  that vague period has arrived and we find that we’re not for selling up and taking off to live permanently on the road after all.  We know we need a home base.   So we will continue to plan and travel but without the limitations of school terms.  Just imagine… no peak season prices,   actually visiting Asia outside the rainy season… I can’t wait!!!

I am now inclined to chronicle our travels.  I hope,  that in sharing our stories,  that something might catch your eye,  that you’ll say ‘that’s doable’.   So if you’ve a bit of time and money,  but still have ties – grandchildren,  elderly parents,  pets – that don’t let you stray for long,  then stick with me and maybe be inspired.

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