2020 Reviewed – YES! We DID Travel!!

For a piece that started out as a non-event, I’m finding a surprising amount to write about! I’m amazed at what I can produce from the year that was…..

It began, as many another, toasting in the New Year and wondering where the following months would take us. Summer 2020 would work around weddings – one in Spain in July and 2 at home in August. Meanwhile, there was an April break to consider….. and June….

All this toasting and musing took place in Mexico – what a great start to the year…..

Mexico City


Playa del Carmen

Late February found me on the US’s East Coast, concentrating in and around Charleston (South Carolina) and Savannah (Georgia).



Little did I think, on my flight home, that I was to be grounded for the rest of the year!

2020 additions to the Christmas tree!

Now just look at what I wrote this time last year when reviewing 2019….

I’m looking back here at the past year and can’t believe how little I’ve posted from home.   In truth,  my intentions were good and I’d lots of plans but by the time I wrote up everything on our trips abroad,  I actually didn’t have time – So there’s a resolution for 2020!


I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit that Covid restrictions presented an opportunity to revisit many parts of my own country and explore new corners. We took advantage of the easing of conditions during the summer and took to the roads. Yes, there were limitations on what we could do and enjoy, but we’d a great time none the less….

West Cork






Day Trips

While regularly restricted to County Dublin, there were times we could venture further afield and enjoy forays to neighbouring counties….

Mellifont Abbey


I’ve had time to enjoy my capital city…..

River Liffey

Georgian Dublin

The greatest revelation of all has been my own ‘back yard’….. lockdowns of 2km and 5km have forced us out and about, finding new walking routes and the odd local treasure. We are blessed to have the beach, an 89 acre park, woodland walks and the foothills of the Dublin Mountains all within walking distance.

12th Century Cross , Rathmichael Woods

Our local beach (now why didn’t I get skies like that in Kerry and Donegal!!)

Lunch time in the hills above our village….

Looking Ahead….

Incredibly, I found something to write about almost every week last year. Together with challenges like Sculpture Saturday and Silent Sunday, etc., I managed to keep HopsSkipsandJumps fairly active.

Looking at 2021, I knew I’d have to continue drawing upon local resources in order to keep the blog alive. I’d intended doing posts on Dublin attractions etc, and hopefully manage some day trips and so on. That, along with cobbling together reports about older roadtrips and maybe a few new challenges, would perhaps eke out enough material to keep me going.

Alas, we are in lockdown again and even the 40 minute journey into Dublin City is beyond my horizon for now. So its into the old photo boxes here for inspiration…. who knows what I’ll dig up!!!

I usually finish off my annual review with a toast to the year ahead and the travels it may bring….


Here’s to 2021, my fellow travellers, and to that great big world out there awaiting our return!!

27 thoughts on “2020 Reviewed – YES! We DID Travel!!

  1. Sorry to hear about your latest lockdown. You are in good company Marie. Thanks for your great summary. We all need to find excitement where we can these days, even in our own little towns. Stay well nd to a better 2021, eventually. Allan

  2. While we are not technically in a strict lockdown, we may as well be. I, too, miss traveling but I’m glad you had some opportunities. I loved the photo of the River Liffey. My honorary niece’s middle name is Liffey, an homage to her heritage.

    1. We were lucky really Angela with all we managed to see and do…. I love the name – don’t think I’ve heard it as such before…

  3. I’m so envious of everyone who managed to travel before COVID-19 was a pandemic. But, that being said, It’s been neat exploring areas close to home and learning more about the history of my home province, both in terms of geology and how the land was once used by early settlers. All the best in 2021. Looking forward to seeing what’s in store for you in the coming year.

    1. You’re right – it was nice spend time on our own patch…. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned over the past year. Having said that….. its enough thank you very much!!! Time to fly!!!!

  4. A toast I heartily endorse and send back to you and all fellow travellers, in fact, all fellow-bloggers. I had to cancel all plans this year – even my regular trips to London to theatres and art galleries – but I did manage squeeze in one trip – the initial Hurtigruten UK-Ireland trip on their new ship – just before lockdown. I developed macular degeneration in both eyes last year which meant I had to sell my car and give up driving which left me a bit stuck. Buses are OK up to a point but with a car one can stop off when one fancies, take a walk and some pix, etc. Coupled with my dodgy hip, I’ve done very little this year. Still, I’m luckier than some and I have a lot of memories, a lot of pictures, to fall back on even if I’m lazy in sorting things out. Thank you for taking us to so many lovely areas in Ireland. It’s selfish I know, but I am happy that the Coronavirus kept you at home this year – we’ve benefited from that!

    1. It must have been very very tough giving up the car when you were used to the freedom it brings – and then further confined because of your hip…… you definitely need a holiday!!!! Hopefully we will both get going somewhere later in the year. Thank you as always for your kind words. I can’t really complain – I saw plenty in 2020…..

  5. I keep repeating myself, it has to be a better new year! Sorry to hear you are also in a lockdown, we are since Dec 26th.. Great photos, I love the one from Savannah!! Hopefully we can all travel again soon, as the wonderful great big world is waiting for us😊

  6. Just look at all the amazing places you get a chance to visit before the pandemic crisis started, especially Savannah and Mexico. We didn’t travel anywhere last year, but loved those two weeks exploring Ireland. I’ve learned that there’s plenty to explore without crossing a border – you just have to look at things a little differently. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely evening. Aiva 🙂 xxx

    1. Yes … I had a lovely year in truth…..
      Numbers bad here at the moment but hopefully this current wave of restrictions will help us get a grip on it…. XXXMarie

  7. Happy New Year! Those are beautiful shots and locations. I especially love the natural green of Ireland that comes out in the photos. We hope to visit someday.

    1. Hopefully you’ll get back on the road sooner rather than later Brian…. and definitely include Ireland if you return to Europe. Meanwhile stay safe. XXXMarie

  8. No hardship for me Marie to see and read about your Irish travels 🙂 I believe we’ve all become more observant and inquisitive about our localities these last number of months. However I hope you’ll be able to escape somewhere soon, maybe as far as Jersey even.

    1. I brought my mum to Jersey for a long weekend in May – oh – must be 7 / 8 years ago. It literally never stopped raining. The only place we found any relief was in the war tunnels! Couldn’t walk anywhere, bus windows were totally fogged up… So I need to go back all right….

      1. Ah – luck of the draw in these climes isn’t it….. I travel in this general region prepared for bad weather – anything else is a bonus..

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