Ringing in a New Year – Mexico City style!

I’ve never experienced New Year in the sun and heat.   Anecdotes and photos from family in Australia have allowed glimpses of a Christmas with shorts and t-shirts,  sunscreen and beaches….

I’m very attached to my traditional Christmas at home – but I’m game for anything at New Year.  Over the past few years we’ve managed a city break either in Europe or the US.  This years schedule presented an extra week after Christmas – an opportunity never to be ignored!!   It wasn’t quite ‘stick a pin in the map’ but late decisions don’t allow for much flexibility and reasonably priced options.

Anyway – Mexico was available,  affordable and due a return visit.  We booked flights into Mexico City and out of Cancun – allowing for culture,  archaeology,  art,  food and the all important sun!


I found it a bit strange at first,  seeing signs of Christmas in the sun…









Pinata decorations around the city….

20200105_134110(Trivia Moment – did you know that the 7 points of a pinata represent the 7 deadly sins,  the candy inside represents evil and the person with the stick is blindfolded to represent faith!)


Many businesses sponsor nativity scenes along the sidewalks….







This was my favourite – look at the beading detail…



On New Years Eve,  most celebrations centre around two locations – the city’s main square (Zócalo) and around the Angel de la Independencia monument.   Having yet to master the skill of bilocation,  we opted for the one closest to our hotel – we were 2 blocks from the monument so it was a no-brainer really on such a busy night.  We’d just arrived into the city at about 9.00pm so it was great to be so close to the action.


The main square hosts the biggest crowd….



…..but we had plenty at the monument!!!







Lots of nibbles…



… and my first holiday beer….







There was a live concert from late evening – no fireworks at the monument but plenty of music,  strobe lighting,  sparklers and dancing.   There was a fantastic atmosphere – perfect for singles and families alike.  Lots of groups had brought their champagne and glasses to ring in the new year.

We didn’t linger much after midnight – we’d already been up for about 26 hours – but the celebrations continued long after we’d hit the pillow.




Small Stuff


New Years Day

If you are ever planning for a few days around New Year in Mexico City,  be warned that nothing will open on New Years Day – so make sure you allow an extra day or two for sightseeing and/or shopping.  Its very much a family day.





Not everyone is happy to travel on the holidays but we’ve flown a few times on New Year’s Eve.  The flights are usually the last to be filled from our experience and tend to be better value.   We flew Dublin – Madrid – Mexico City on the 31st.   We could have flown via the US on the 30th – but it would cost an extra €600 each!!!



We stayed at the  Hotel Galeria Plaza Reforma which was a great location for New Year.


There is the Angel Monument (taken from hotel roof) where the festivities were held.



Good Breakfast


Roof top pool




Before you go ….

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22 thoughts on “Ringing in a New Year – Mexico City style!

    1. Me neither – never gave it much thought I suppose but certainly didn’t attach any religious significance to it.
      Happy New Year to you and best wishes for 2020…..

  1. Looks like a great place to celebrate the New Year. Like yourself, I like to spend Christmas at home so seeing it celebrated in warm climates is so weird to me. I love a NYE trip though so will have to add Mexico City to my list for future years 🙂

      1. I grew up in London which is always fun. Edinburgh is definitely a must if you haven’t done it for NYE before.

      2. Never did Edinburgh although its so close and so brilliant – always feel I wont get accommodation because its so popular… of course if I got my act together on time…

      3. Absolutely. You’ve got to plan the accommodation early but definitely worth visiting 🙂

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