My 2021 wanderings in hindsight – (not too bad to be honest!)

It’s all relative of course isn’t it, but putting wanderings and 2021 in the same headline or sentence is an achievement in itself!

Needless to say, these wanderings didn’t take me very far from home – and there was certainly no SKIPPING or JUMPING!!

For the first half of the year I ….. well….. I didn’t do much of course – mooched around Dublin mainly but, if you must get stuck somewhere, then Dublin isn’t a bad place!!

By mid year we were ready to venture forth – a whole 250kms to the west of Ireland. We headed to County Mayo for 11 days- a place in which we hadn’t spent much time over the years. We had a ball – despite the bad weather! I’ve written 6 posts about this small corner of the globe since then – and be warned – I’m not finished yet!!

A month later we were on the move again, this time to the south west, hoping that our booking to Skellig Michael would work out – and it did! What a highlight – real bucketlist stuff – and on my own doorstep so to speak!

That same trip also found us in nearby County Clare. There is just so much to see and enjoy in this tiny country!!

The end of August saw a small leap – but a giant step for us – a FLIGHT!!!

Yes – we were off to Spain!

Full of trepidation (and I’m not just talking covid – I’m talking back to hand luggage after 18 months travelling around by car!) – the only thing that could get us off this rock we call home was the wedding of pals C and M – no way were we going to miss their 4th attempt!! We’d a fabulous week in Cordoba and Almunécar, squeezing in as much as our travel-starved bodies could handle – Cordoba mosque/ cathedral, Alhambra, Caminito del Rey, Nerja Caves (all right – they weren’t so great!) as well as beach time and wedding celebrations – were we on vacation or what!!

Emboldened by the success of that trip, we headed to Cyprus in late October – chosen because it was a new destination for us, not too far away and promised a good chance of decent weather. It was great – archaeological sites, interesting divided city, beach, sun, good food…..and plenty of Covid precautions.

A few overnighters in November saw us just north of County Dublin in the fascinating Boyne Valley…..

….and also on a quick trip to Belfast.

Finally, we went to Bremen in late November – yes – a third trip abroad! How lucky were we!!!

I’m starting 2022 with a blank canvas. People are asking about our plans and don’t quite believe me when I saw we’ve none. That’s not really unusual – we’ve always known the when before the where and many trips are planned at short notice. But I can’t even guess at the when right now.

If pushed, I’ll admit that I can’t see a long haul trip happening this year – things would have to improve hugely before I’d get my head around that. So it looks like, at best, a year for Europe – I’d love the Greek mainland and maybe a quiet location on the Med coast somewhere (is there such a thing?).

One thing’s for sure, I’ll continue discovering and rediscovering plenty of Irish gems.

Here’s to a healthy and safe 2022 my friends and (fingers crossed!!) happy travels!!!

41 thoughts on “My 2021 wanderings in hindsight – (not too bad to be honest!)

  1. Whew! Looks like you crammed in a lot of travelling last year with a larger than usual dollop of home grown produce. Unfortunately the coming year is again shrouded in a covid fog and leaves us all wondering if we’ll get to spread our wings . Keep the posts coming in the New Year.

    1. We did a fair bit Barry didn’t we!!! Really can’t complain. But would love to think we might end up somewhere really exciting sooner rather than later!! Hope you’ve a good year yourselves….

  2. Seems like you had a pretty decent travel year under the circumstances, much like us (although we only managed two trips abroad to your three!) We’re starting to consider what might be feasible next for us, having reluctantly decided it’s too soon for Sri Lanka as originally planned. I hadn’t considered Cyprus – would you recommend it?

    1. It’s rotten when you’ve an idea in tour head and it doesn’t work out…

      Would I recommend Cyprus – in a word – YES!
      We went for 10 nights. The planning was rather last minute so probably wasn’t the best itinerary we could have worked out. I wanted sun and heat but not just a complete beach holiday which we don’t do very well.
      We rented a car and spent 3 nights in Limassol, 2 in Larnaca, 1 in Nicosia and 4 in Paphos. There are archaeological sites at Limassol, en route to Larnaca and at Paphos so that kept me happy. We spent a full day in Nicosia – very interesting – you can cross over into the northern half of course – we tried to get a walking tour there but ended up doing our own with a good map we picked up at the checkpoint. We crossed over the Troodos Mountains where you can seek out the tiny Byzantine Churches and if you’re lucky a few of them will be open. I met someone a few days before we went who had driven into northern Cyprus for a few days but by then it was too late really to get my head around changing the plan. So I reckon there’s another trip to Cyprus in it for us – the north and the western coast and beaches which we didn’t get to this time…
      And cats Sarah – lots of cats!!!!!

    1. We were in Santorini in 1982 Lyssy!! A bit before your time!!! I’d love to visit some of the islands but I just couldn’t face the crowds – even without Covid|!! I must have a look at Naxos. XXXM

      1. I went in 2017 with my family to Santorini and Naxos, then Athens. We had some of our best memories on Naxos, it doesn’t have much of a crowd, especially compared to Santorini. We rented 4 wheelers and went all over the island, and it’s one of our favorite memories of the trip 🙂

      2. With Anita off to Turks and Caicos, and you talking about Naxos, I might have to review my ‘ not booking anything’ strategy!!!!

  3. Looks like you managed to squeeze in some pretty wonderful trips despite the year being so unpredictable! Here’s to more in 2022! All the best! Linda

  4. Come to Jersey, an easy hop 🙂 These last couple of years I’ve got to know the place in even more detail and there always seems to be something else of interest around the next corner. Admittedly, this ‘something else’ might be a simple boundary mark, or a stream, or wooded copse rather than a stately home or expensive attraction but it is the soul of the island. Maybe I’ll even escape its clutches for a while in 2022. Happy travels.

    1. I think I told you before Roy about my visit there with my mum… must be 8/9 years ago… May – 3 days and nights of horrendous weather! And that’s coming from an Irish woman with no weather expectations in these isles!!😅 😂 But I will go back – for a longer stint definitely. I actually rarely hear of anyone travelling to Jersey from here nowadays – which is strange considering there are direct flights.
      Like yourself, I’ve been astonished really at the wealth of discoveries in my own locality due to Covid restrictions. I’ve a whole new appreciation for my own homeplace.
      Wishing you a good 2022 Roy – whether you escape or stay put!

  5. You’ve done quite well this past year, in spite of it all! I would be happy to wander around Ireland for months…Wishing you a happy and healthy new year.

    1. And to you! You’ll be heading into your autumn soon while we’re beginning to notice the tiniest stretch in the evenings… have a good 2022! XXXMarie

      1. Unfortunately we still have a couple months of summer. This summer has been lovely and mild this year, and I’m hoping it continues into the next couple of months as normally they are the hottest of the year. I love it when you start seeing the little signs of the approaching spring! I’m looking forward to reading more of your lovely posts this year! Megan xXx

      2. Unfortunately????? Is that a typo Megan? If not then you’ve obviously not got even one drop of Irish blood in ya!!!😅 😂 🤣

      3. 😆 I love the cool weather and wilt in the heat and humidity of our Australian summers…… I would happily have your summer days anytime! I would also happily keep our winter days too! 🤣!

  6. So pleased you got to see so much in 2021 despite the restrictions. Like you I’m focusing on short haul this year and hoping 2023 is the year for the long haul!

  7. Looks like you got a good few trips on. We only braved covid travel abroad once in 2021. Would love to go back to Spain, Ireland and Cyprus all great destinations. Thanks for stopping by my blog

  8. Lovely! Even COVID can’t keep a Traveler down. Ireland is such a special place. It’s been 30+ years since my last visit. Whenever I can jump the pond, I need to return. I’ve been focused on South America and South Pacific in more recent years. Cheers!

    1. Ah … those words – South America and the South Pacific!!! We got to Tahiti and BoraBora in 04 en route home from Australia but despite a few attempts at organising it, we’ve never made it (yet!!) to South America. The Galapagos and Peru are top of the list – hopefully 2023….

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