Our Hops, Skips and Jumps in 2018

Several hops,  one skip and two jumps – not too bad!  We had some great trips this year and I struck Monet’s garden from my wish list so happy enough with that!


Boston – our first trip of the year – and it was a cold one!!


Read all about it: Boston


Morocco – finally got to Volubilis as well as the blue town of Chefchaouen and the cities of Rabat and Tangiers.


Read all about it:

From Rabat to Tangier: A Road Trip in Northern Morocco

Is Rabat Worth a Visit? Definitely!


A Study in Blue – Images from Chefchaouen


Paris – a mini trip to this beautiful city and a great day at Monet’s Garden in Giverny.


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Monet’s Gardens at Giverny – A Day Trip from Paris

A Return Trip to Paris

An Afternoon Walkabout in Paris


Cork – a mini break in the rebel county.


Read all about it: Ireland’s Alcatraz – Spike Island


Puglia –  just at the start of the season in June so ahead of the summer crowds.


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Matera – European City of Culture 2019

Puglia – and Beyond! Highlights from an 11 Night Trip

Heading to Puglia? Some thoughts before you go!


Tennessee – Nashville,  the Smoky Mountains,  Memphis (and everything in between) – a great road trip.


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Nashville – A few days in Music City

My Memphis Top 10

Tennessee – Highlights from a 2 week Road Trip


Westport – always a pleasure and always beautiful.


Read all about it: Destination Westport


Oman  – mountains, desert and sea – it’s all there.


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Oman – 12 Hours at Ras al Jinz Turtle Reserve

Muscat – Impressions and Favourite Bits

Oman – A 10 Day Trip

Thinking of visiting Oman? – Some tips before you go.


Offaly – a surprising amount to see and do in the midlands.


Read all about it: Offaly – a mini break at the Crossroads


Vienna – Finishing off the year in style!


Read all about it: A Very Happy New Year in Vienna


And the highlight of the year?  It has to be Oman – an unexpected delight  (but Morocco was great of course… and I loved Monet’s garden … and then there was Graceland…!)


Here’s to happy travels in 2019!

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