Us as Travellers!

So what kind of travellers are we?


No matter how broke we were,  I could never do the sleep on the beach thing!   I’m a gal that needs a shower – and a hairdryer!  At the other end of the spectrum we’ve stayed in some fabulous 5 star accommodation – but more often than not would have to slither out first thing in the morning because we couldn’t afford the breakfast and then return to take up our places by the pool.


We love the freedom of self drive road trips.  Himself is happy to drive but to date refuses to pay extra for GPS!   I’m a good navigator but have a tendency to doze off in the passenger seat!   For city breaks he doesn’t do taxis if there’s public transport and he doesn’t do public transport if he can walk!


We like walls and stones,  mosaics and ancient civilisation. We’re not great on museums but like galleries.  We also like to sit by the ocean and read.


So … our ideal trip?  A road trip,  with interesting stops along the way and a few days on the beach before we head home:

Hopping  to  – Costa Brava. Taking in the Ruins of Empuries and Dali’s Museum in Figueres before hitting any of the beaches.

Skipping to – Morocco. Picking up a car in Fez and driving across the Atlas mountains. Dropping car back in Marrakech and taking bus to port of Essaouira… you will never want to go home.

Jumping to – Australia. Collecting a camper van in Alice Springs and visiting Uluru before striking north to Darwin. And the beach bit?  There’s Bali,  or Fiji, or  … do what we did … go mad and head for Tahiti and Bora Bora !!  Well … they were kind of on the way home!!

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