Sunday in London – Columbia Road Flower Market

What I liked most about this particular market – well apart from the blooms, colours and smells of course – was that despite the number of tourists around,  there was nonetheless a local,  neighbourhood feel to it.   We were lucky with our visit because even though it was still early February,  it was a lovely bright Sunday morning.   Walking from Old Street tube station we met so many people along the way,  already leaving with their purchases  – couples laden with 2 enormous specimen plants each (setting up house no doubt),  others carrying beautiful bunches of flowers (maybe off to Sunday lunch somewhere),  babies sharing their buggies with trays of bedding plants and ceramic pots –  I wanted to move to London straight away!


The market is laid out along a short stretch of street so doesn’t take long to navigate.  You don’t have to purchase anything to enjoy the atmosphere of banter and haggling.   Shops and cafes line the street behind the stalls and there are street musicians to entertain.   Beware that it gets very crowded around midday so plan accordingly – and enjoy!















I’m glad I didn’t have to navigate the market trying to protect bunches of flowers or potted plants…. just had to make sure I didn’t get poked in the eye!









The shops along the street sell everything from gardening accessories to jewellery to vintage …..



A quiet corner for coffee and a sugar fix!



Heading home…..






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