I can’t dump those old holiday tshirts

You know the ones I mean – they never made it past the first wash without shrinking,  losing the print or just falling apart.  But there’s also the set that you wore and wore,  then got relegated to the bed wear bundle,  but couldn’t be further relegated to the painting and DIY because they’d get ruined!!!  So where do they all go?  Dumping them is like burning photos – just not on!

I’ve found a home for them – in the loo!  Well not the whole tshirt – but enough to keep the memory alive.  And now I can look a them every day!!










20190515_141024 (1)










I rounded up this lot from various drawers and presses – there are a few here that are definitely past their sell-by date – we were in Hawaii in 2007 and Laos  in 2009!



The latest addition – I wonder how it will wash!!


8 thoughts on “I can’t dump those old holiday tshirts

  1. Just thinking … if you have photos of yourself wearing them, you could put them in a separate folder, and have memories that will last long after the shirt has been consigned to the duster box.

  2. Excellent idea! Could make for an interesting conversation when a local at a revisited destination asks “What prompted you to return here?” 🙂

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