Vignettes from a Life Time of Travel

J is for Journey

I always liked those moments of epiphany when you have the next destination’ (Brad Pitt)

Well that sums it up for me (although I never thought I’d see the day I’d be quoting Brad Pitt!) – that wonderful eureka moment when a travel plan presents itself. And it doesn’t just apply to major holidays – I love a day trip or overnighter whenever the opportunity arises. With vacation planning, my year is structured in such a way that I always know the ‘when’ before the ‘where’. ‘When’ is the easy part. Despite an endless bucket list, the ‘where’ is not always obvious. The best destinations are always the unexpected. At the end of last August I read about Oman in Wanderlust. That was it – I was hooked and we went in October. In January, I knew we would go somewhere in April – who would have thought then that we’d end up in Belize!

The journey begins for me at that very special moment when the decision is made. Then there’s the frenzy of flights, itineraries, visa, vaccinations, car rental, accommodation….. by now the destination may not be exactly what I had envisioned at the start but that’s part of the fun. Next is the lull – the trip not quite forgotten about but shelved – until that final rush – pack, notify the bank, tell the neighbours, empty the fridge…..

I’ve had a great time…. and haven’t even set off yet!

‘The journey not the arrival matters’ (T. S. Eliot)

(PS -I wonder if Brad’s heading to Portugal next month!)


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