Vignettes from a Lifetime of Travel

L is for Landscape

So what do Morocco,  Jordan,  Oman,  Namibia,  Utah,  Arizona and  Mexico have in common?

Answer – I love them!

And why do I love them?

Answer – Because they’re not exactly very green!

Don’t get me wrong – I love green.  I’m surrounded by it.  Ireland is famous in poetry and song for its 40 shades of green.  Well I’m looking out my window as I type ( I know – so skilled!) and I reckon I can see about 38 of them – and I live in a housing estate!!

When travelling,  its semi arid regions that appeal to me the most.   I love the landscape itself – rock formations,  dry river beds,  salt flats,  cracked earth.  I love the colours – the browns,  yellows,  pinks,  greys.   I love the scrub vegetation that has adapted to the harsh environment.   And I love the dry heat (within reason!).

Of course,  its said that we travel so that we can come back and see our own place with fresh eyes and extra colours.   Who knows what lies outside my window – maybe I’ll have a shade of green called after me one day!!!




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