My darling brother thinks I’m too nice!!!  He reckons I’ll never go viral unless I toughen up.  To help with the process he has coined this wonderful corruption of my blog title.

I promised him I’d do my best!

But …. nothing …. I’m drawing a blank here…..

You see, when it comes to travel I tend to put a positive spin on everything:

  • I prebook accommodation so don’t leave it to chance.   If I haven’t my 1st (or 10th!!) choice its my own fault for leaving it too late.
  • Overcrowding at popular sites – well its my own fault for visiting in peak season.
  • Long queues for galleries, etc. – my own fault for not booking on line.
  • Restaurants – if I get a dish I don’t like I blame my choice.   For poor service,  I’ll gripe a bit on tripadvisor but will still cloak it with something positive about the place.

But we can’t waste a great title like that – I shall endeavor to put it to good use – So watch out world – no more Ms. Nice Guy!





2 thoughts on “flopskipsanddumps!

  1. There are a lot of people who watch an auto race to see the spectacular wrecks. Such is the case with many blog readers, Marie. I’ve noticed that if I write one slightly negative thing in an otherwise positive post, the lion’s share of the comments are about the negative part of my writing. With that being said, I write the way I live…in a positive manner. If I don’t go viral, so be it. Love your blog…keep on keeping on!

    1. Will do – one can only write what comes easy and honest – anything else is too much work anyway! Thanks for all your support – Marie

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