Vignettes from a Lifetime of Travel

M is for Matinee

Yesterday,  I went to a Wednesday matinee in London.   Not exactly an earth shattering announcement I know but I went with 3 pals as a day trip from Dublin.   It had never occurred to us before but was easily done:  Ryanair €44 return to Gatwick –  top up the Oyster cards and get the train to Victoria – tube to Convent Garden for a perfect Prosecco lunch – walk to Wyndhams Theatre and spend a few hours with Matthew Broderick and Elizabeth McGovern in Starry Messenger  – back to Convent Garden for coffee and cake in a lovely tea room – back to Victoria and on to Gatwick for the 9.35pm flight to Dublin.

How’s that for a day out!

So doable and perfect for a special birthday or celebration.

(I’d better not spoil the moment by telling you all that we arrived back to Gatwick’s beautifully designated ‘gold emergency’.  Chaos!  To cut a long airport ‘story’ short,  we were the lucky ones and were eventually bussed to Stansted (1 hr 50 mins!) and put on a plane that departed at  1.10am.!)


20190710_122631 (Happy Days!)



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