Vignettes from a Lifetime of Travel

N is for NYC

New York has to be my favourite city (after Dublin of course!).   My first visit was in the height of summer,  1983.   As a teacher,  living in temperate climes,  I remember totally glamorising and envying those office workers sitting with their packed lunches in Central Park.  I’ve had the privilege of visiting the city on many summers since then and I still love getting something from a food truck or deli and finding a bench or piece of grass – no NYC lunchtime restaurants for me!

I’ve just recently realised that I always visit NYC in extreme weather.   If not dealing with August heat then its the mid winter challenge of freezing temperatures at best and probably snow.  Yes,  its a wonderful city at holiday time – checking Macy’s window,  making a show of myself on the ice-skating rink in Central Park and squeezing into Time Square to ring in a new year.   But there’s little pleasure to be reaped on Brooklyn Bridge at -10℃ in January or heading off to Jersey Gardens in the snow,  knowing we won’t get back if they pull the buses off the streets. 

Then there’s the clothes thing!   I always seem to be laden with something.   In summer,  I’m in the lightest of clothes but freezing when I go into air conditioned buildings – so I have to leave the hotel in the morning prepared for that.   In winter I’m wrapped up when outdoors and practically melt as soon as I go inside,  peeling off layers and dropping hats,  scarves and gloves in my haste to avoid passing out!   New Yorkers seem to manage OK …I guess practice makes perfect.

I think NYC should go back on my wish list – twice!

It must be an amazing city in Springtime and Autumn!

Picture 194(2006 or 2007?   Winter Layers)


20160803_090043.jpg(Lunchtime,  August 2016)



5 thoughts on “Vignettes from a Lifetime of Travel

  1. New York is great. We’ve only visited in the summer and then it just becomes a constant search for something to drink. haha! Yes, I think spring or autumn would be better. 🙂

  2. I know what you mean about extremes of heat and cold. I suffer the same way. I remember years ago, in Singapore, the only restaurant we found to eat in comfortably was the old Raffles (not the new totally out-of-my-range one) where they had a garden to dine in. Sheer heaven even if the humidity meant the sweat dropped into my soup. I have since learnt from Thai friends that the extreme chill in their hotels and restaurants is to do with the fact that people like to buy suits and nice European clothes and these can’t be worn in a hot climate – hence the aircon at full blast.

    1. That makes absolute sense – formal European clothes were never meant for that extreme heat. Speaking of Raffles – We were there in 1988 – managed to afford one Singapore Sling (luckily himself is a non drinker!) and a souvenir mug!

  3. Ah! But did you see that the Singapore Sling is pumped up from a plastic bin beneath where it’s stored in bulk? Another illusion bit the dust. My husband had a quick look when the bartender had to leave his post, as he is a born cynic and couldn’t believe he could dish up so many SS’s in the time. For me, the disillusion was on a par with the moon landing – I’d always loved the man in the moon.

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