Vegas – 10 Things to do besides Gambling and Eating!

OK – everyone doesn’t have to love Vegas but don’t decide that its not for you without giving it a chance.  I think its a place that should be visited at least once – just go and experience it for the fantastic oddity that it is!

For those of you outside the USA,  its best enjoyed as part of an extended trip.  Its ideally located,  within distance of the Grand Canyon,  California and the National Parks of southern Utah.   There are plenty of flight options and while the good old days of $3.95 buffets (for 2 people if you had a coupon!!) are long gone,  there’s still good value to be found in food and accommodation.

So what to do if you find yourself in town for a few days and you have absolutely no interest in spending 6-8 hours per day on the slot machines!   Its not about trying to find things to just occupy your time.   You embrace it like any other destination – open your mind – and enjoy.


1.Walk the Strip

There is so much to just look at – The gondolas at the Venetian,  the Bellagio fountains,  the pyramids and sphinx at the Luxor,  the NYC skyline…. it all looks fantastic whether its night or day.









2.Check out the Hotels 

Just walk through these places and gape.   Apart from the opulent displays of flowers and statues everywhere,  you can see flamingos and other birds in Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat,  admire the fine art collections in Aria and Cosmopolitan and watch the mermaid in Silverton aquarium… the list is endless!







3.Indulge in a bit of Nostalgia

The Neon Museum is a graveyard for vintage Vegas signs.   The staff members are fantastic and full of info and stories.









4. Hunt down some Pawn Stars!

Visit Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, home of the TV show!  You can pick up pieces of jewelry,  collectibles,  art pieces, etc., or just grab a selfie!







5.Check out the Fremont Street Experience

Head downtown to Fremont Street which has been covered and is delightfully air-conditioned.   You can ride the zip-lines or just enjoy the light and music show in the evenings.   Walk a few blocks and admire the street art and old signs.












6.Go for a Drive

If its all too much for you then hop in the car and head just 16 miles to Red Rock Canyon National Park.   The 13 mile scenic drive offers scenic overlooks,  day hikes,  petroglyphs,  Joshua trees, etc., while the Visitors Centre presents the usual programmes of events.







7.Catch a Show

Big name performers,  magicians,  circus acts,  comedy ….. There is so much to choose from.   Tickets don’t come cheap but you might be lucky and pick up a discounted ticket on the day.



8. Visit Hoover Dam

About a 40 minute drive gets you to this engineering marvel.  You can take a tour from Vegas if you don’t have your own transport.



9.Shop ’til you drop!

Its OK – you don’t have to restrict yourself to the high end stores in the hotels (unless you want to!  But if you’re in that league then I’ve a feeling you won’t be reading this!!)  There are 2 outlet malls in Vegas and the Miracle Mile Mall opposite the Bellagio has 170 stores and 15 restaurants ( handy place for breakfast or lunch).




10.Make use of the Leisure Facilities

There are public aquatic centres available but its worth considering accommodation with facilities – at least a pool.   Whatever you want you can get – this IS Vegas!   So you can have sandy beaches,  waves,  lazy rivers, waterfalls,  rafts…..





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15 thoughts on “Vegas – 10 Things to do besides Gambling and Eating!

  1. I’ve been a couple of times. While passing through on way to Canada we stopped there and renewed our wedding vows on 35th anniversary with Elvis. I had to vow not to step on my husband’s blue suede shows and he had to promise not to treat me like a hound dog. My brother gave me away and my sister took photos. Wedding dinner at Harley Davidson cafe. All in good fun with lots of laughs. Then we left. We were over it!

    1. Brilliant!!!! A great story!!! I should add ‘wedding vows’ to the list!!!!

      PS – congrats on your anniversary – we were 35 years married in June – didn’t celebrate with such style though!!!

  2. Great post and fantastic photos! I think there’s something worth seeing and discovering in every country and city, despite it’s reputation. Vegas has its own beauty especially being surrounded by fantastic looking landscape that is every photographers dream

  3. Still doesn’t float my boat … overegging the pudding is the phrase that springs immediately to mind. But, the out-of-town excursions look worthy of consideration.

      1. Of course I not saying stay away from the casinos!!! You never know…… one big win would set up a nice travel fund!!!

  4. You just listed all the things we did oh so many years ago with our kids…(somebody told us Vegas was a great place to take kids, not so sure). We enjoyed our time outside of Vegas. Thanks for sharing. Allan

    1. I can understand the attraction for families – there’s lots to do and you can get great offers at the hotels and restaurants but you’re right – I’m not sure about the environment for kids. But I love the buzz myself!!!

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