If you need a few reasons to bother with Page….

No – nobody goes to Page,  Arizona to see Page – there’s not much to the town apart from motel chains,  restaurants and a string of chapels.   But the place teems with visitors in high season.  Ok,  no one stays for very long but with the number of RV’s and rented cars on the roads,  there’s obviously some attraction hereabouts!

This dot on the map has been blessed with more natural attractions than most spots on the planet and definitely warrants a stopover on any south west USA road trip.

Recently,  we thought we’d made a huge mistake by booking two nights here.   Most visitors we met were either on day trips from Flagstaff or passing through as quickly as possible.   All were polite but, judging from the number of raised eyebrows, they were not impressed with our tour plan!

But,  as always,  once you slow down there’s always more to be discovered and we actually ended up with a very full schedule and left with things untested and unexplored.

So ….. here are my 5 reasons to include Page in your road trip….


1. Antelope Canyon

A guided tour of the slot canyon is the highlight….






The Masterpiece that is Arizona’s Antelope Canyon

2. Horseshoe Bend

Created by the meandering Colorado River,  the stunning view is best enjoyed from the 1000 foot steep cliffs.









3. Glen Canyon Dam and Visitor Centre

The dam was completed in 1963.   At the visitors centre,  you can enjoy the views and a self-guided tour of exhibits,  photos, etc. or,  if you have an hour to spare,  its worth joining a guided tour group which takes you by elevator to the lower levels.







4.Lake Powell

After the completion of the dam,  the Colorado River began to back up and the newly flooded Glen Canyon formed Lake Powell.   The lands are managed by the National Parks Service and facilities include boating,  fishing,  swimming,  camping, etc.







5. Hanging Garden Trail

This easy trail through semi arid landscape offers glimpses of the lake before leading to lush vegetation clinging to the rocks.  The ‘gardens’ are fed by springs which flow down through porous rocks and cracks.











Small Stuff


Antelope Canyon can only be visited with a guide and is very heavily booked in high season – make sure to plan ahead

Horseshoe Bend is owned by the National Parks system but they don’t have the parking rights!  So there is a $10 parking fee.   Allow for about a 1.5 mile round trip from the carpark.

Dam – federally owned so security measures are in place for the guided tours.

Lake Powell – as part of the National Parks Service,  you will need your annual pass or else be prepared to pay $30 entrance fee.



18 thoughts on “If you need a few reasons to bother with Page….

  1. Don’t you think it’s amazing that our beautiful Earth formed in such a way – Antelope Canyon is certainly on my travel wish list and so is the Horseshoe Bend! Thanks for sharing and inspiring and have a good day 😀

  2. It’d be worth it for Antelope Canyon alone; it’s long been on my list! (closest approximation so far has been the Imbros Gorge on Crete)

    1. Amazing is right – many people from outside the US just know of the Grand Canyon. On one’s first trip anywhere, you can only see the ‘highlights’ of course – it takes a few visits to get away from the major landmarks and really get to know a place.

  3. Page is truly the jumping off point to many fine attractions. In 2018, we saw all of your 5 except for the last one. Worth more than just a cursory look. Thanks for sharing Marie. Allan

    1. It is but probably not on everyone’s list for a first USA trip…. I think that was our 3rd visit to the region before visiting.

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