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Exactly one week ago today,  I returned from a short trip to the US.   For the first time in years,  I was coming home with no plans made for my next expedition.   This was not due to the Coronavirus – I just never got our April vacation sorted so reckoned on probably going somewhere in western Europe which could be booked at any time.  We were talking about a few options for the summer so nothing was done about that either.

A lot has changed in the past week – the first cases have reached Ireland,  St. Patrick’s Festival has been cancelled and don’t start me on toilet rolls!!   I’m so glad now that I don’t have to make decisions about cancelling or not cancelling prepaid trips or flights.   I don’t envy those of you in that position.

I wondered about my blog and what to do if we have to weather a very long restricted period.   I’ve made a ‘to do’ list for myself:

Write about the last US trip

Finish writing about other recent trips that I didn’t get around to completing at the time.

Look back through old photos and write short pieces about particular attractions,  sights,  etc.

Finally get my act together and embrace social media!

Go local – write short pieces about Dublin and its attractions.

Write about historical sites around the country.

Write about Dublin walking trails.

Categorise and back up every photo in the house.

Source free photo sites etc.

Read all the WordPress articles and hints that I really, really should have done at the beginning!

Tidy up my website.


To all you fellow travelers,  stay safe in the coming weeks and keep planning!   We will all need something to look forward to.


46236693565_fb33a50ce4_c(Galapagos – Top of my wish list! )

36 thoughts on “Making Plans…

  1. Wow Marie I am doing some of the same things going through my pictures from previous trips. This is scary. I have trip planned to Panama next month, then to Aruba and to Croatia later. Just have to monitor how things are going.

    1. Ah you’re in a tricky position aren’t you….. things are happening very fast now … a lot will change in the next week. It’s the not knowing isn’t it … once a decision is made you can just deal with it.
      Let me know how things work out for you …

      1. Wow we are going to cancel as Panama is not accepting foreigners anyway. Will wait and see what happens in june when I am booked for Aruba

    1. Hi Aine – things are moving fast aren’t they – a lot has happened since I posted this. Great to hear from you and thanks for dropping by. Mind yourself.

  2. I should take a leaf out of your book and do some of those things too. Fortunately, we too have very little organised for this year for reasons other than the Corona virus.

    1. Its funny the way things work out isn’t it – I never thought I’d count myself lucky to have no plans! You’re already great at delving into your archives for material – I’ll be following your example and hopefully finding something useful. Mind yourself meanwhile. XXX Marie

    1. Absolutely – I think we’re all assuming, or hoping, that it will run its course and pass quickly. Take care. XXX Marie

  3. I also have no plans to travel this year mainly due to a new granddaughter arriving in September
    Also go local ..I haven’t really blogged much about my lovely city of Perth so that’s on my list of things. It will be nice to read about people’s home towns and see what they can find.

  4. Thanks for sharing your list of to do’s while not on the road. i always wonder if people are interested in reading “after the fact” posts but I’m going to give it a try and find out. Covid is here in Canada and even on Vancouver Island where I live. Guess that’s why it’s called a pandemic. LOL. Really enjoy your posts Marie. Stella

    1. Thanks Stella. Think we’ll all be looking for ways to keep our blogs ticking over while we’re grounded. We’ll appreciate our travels all the more after this ….
      Take care . XxxMarie

  5. Yes we definitely need something to look forward to Marie! I wondered the same thing whether to keep my blog going or not as it is primarily about travel experiences. However I’m going to finish writing up my Alaska and Seattle trips and blog about home in Perth too. I should have been in the UK visiting my family now but fortunately didn’t actually book as I was getting concerned. Very hard being the other side of the world and can’t fly till who knows when. Stay safe! 😃

    1. I’d say keep doing what we do Rosemary, although I know you question its relevance at such a time. Its hard to be away from family – even though we cannot actually engage with them anyway. I’m not sure if both your daughters are close by in Perth. ind yourself. XXXMarie

      1. Thanks Marie – I agree think we should all keep blogging. It gives us a virtual outlet in these strange times and inspiration for the future. My elder daughter lives here in Perth with her family (we have 2 granddaughters). Our younger daughter has lived in London for 5 and a half years – she works in music PR. However with all the upheaval she’s decided to come back to Perth to hunker down for a while and is due to land here in a few hours time! It’s all happened very suddenly – she only made the decision a week ago it’s been a very stressful few days!! She’s due to start a new job in Berlin in September but obviously that’s on hold for the time being – fingers crossed she can still get there! Hope you and your family are keeping well in these strange times, take care Rosemary xxx

      2. Yes so fortunate we have these modern technologies now to stay in touch. Have been Skyping my dad regularly for some years now he describes it as a “lifesaver”. Fingers crossed he will be ok – he’s still doing his own shopping but stays home apart from that and his walks! Stay safe xxx

      3. It’ll be lovely to have her close by. So far so good here Rosemary although the worst is yet to come. Weather has been nice and parks are still open so we can get out and about for now.
        Have a lovely reunion and stay safe…
        XXX Marie

      4. We’re still able to get out for walks too. There are strict social distancing measures in place but we’re not in full lockdown – really hoping we can “flatten the curve”. Western Australia is comparatively ok compared to the eastern states but we still have over 200 cases (mostly returning travellers especially cruise ship passengers) and of course it can skyrocket quickly if the distancing measures don’t work or aren’t adhered to. Our daughter arrived yesterday and is now doing her mandatory 14 day self isolation period. If she’d arrived later today it would have been 14 days quarantine at a hotel organised by the government and she wouldn’t have been allowed to come home with us. We’re social distancing can chat at a safe distance across the courtyard and no physical contact eg hugs – feels very weird will be glad when the 14 days are safely up! Stay safe too xx

  6. You’ve got a longer list than I have but that’s because I stopped halfway through as what I’d written was already making me think I was asking too much of myself! But I’ll persevere. First up is to tidy up the blog, maybe give it a new theme? Then sort the photographs out and caption them. Then, oh forgot, the house needs cleaning, the ironing has piled up and the garden is springing into flower.

    1. My list is longer based on the opposite premise – that if there’s enough stuff on it I might actually tick something off!!!

    1. At this stage Janis I’m actually limiting myself to the odd bulletin and the main evening news. Here in Dublin, the main parks are still open and the weather has been lovely so spirits are still relatively high despite the deteriorating situation.
      As for planning .. I LOVE lists … everyone slags me off about them. I wake up in the morning and make a list of the lists I need for the day!!! If I spent less time on the lists I’d actually get more done in the long run!! As for the list in this post – I see its almost 2 weeks old… I’ve made very little progress I’m afraid!!!

    1. We’ve actually managed to see quite a bit of the country over the summer. Especially great as we in Dublin are experiencing extra restrictions this weekend and things not looking good at all. Normal is along way off I’m afraid! XXXMarie

      1. Oh no Marie! They’re planning a lockdown over here in London, and I’m not sure how serious it’s going to be. I hope things are better soon for all of us. Xx

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