Sculpture Saturday


This weekly challenge is hosted by Mind over Memory

For my second week,  I’ve chosen L’Arbre des Voyelles (1999)You’ll find this bronze piece at the Jardin des Tuileries, Paris.   Produced by Guiseppe Penone,  you will assume,   at first glance,  that you are looking at the roots of a fallen tree.   On the one hand,  it blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape.  On the other hand,  you’re first instinct is to wonder ‘now why did the gardeners leave that dead tree lying around’!



If you’d also like to take part:-

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  • Link to the  Mind over Memory  post for Saturday Sculpture

9 thoughts on “Sculpture Saturday

    1. Thank you Sheree!!! And its thanks to you I’m actually doing the challenge! Nice to have something new in these times…

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