Route 66 – with a teenager! (1)

You can pick the next one


No – think about it 


Why don’t you have a look through that Kuoni catalogue there for ideas 


Really within reason we can consider anywhere…..

You – said – I – could – pick … and I pick America


Me and my mouth!


Well… we’re not going to Florida

…or California..

…or New York

I don’t care…. America




Well what about Mexico or even Peru … that would be amazing …. that’s America….


Worth a try!


You’re lucky he’ll go with you at all… we’re told

Why wouldn’t he!  we reply … look where he gets to go…

Come on – stuck with his parents for weeks....


OK… Maybe they have a point!


Well we’re not leaving him at home – he’s only turning 17…


What do I come across in a book shop a few weeks later??….



Its fate….

And so a road trip is conceived.



12 thoughts on “Route 66 – with a teenager! (1)

  1. Teenagers! When I was 17, I was an ardent ‘wannabee Yank’; I’m in two minds now. I know and like several Americans, but there’s a lot I dislike about some of the places and people. But, I’d like to visit the sequoia groves of California, and Antelope Canyon … and I loved Alaska.

    (My friend Adam Kynoch and I claim to be the only Brits ever to visit Florida and not go to Disneyland!)

    1. The US is great for family holidays – even Disneyland! In more recent years we’ve been back several times – almost annually in fact – and have enjoyed various road trips and National Parks. Alaska is next – we were planning for this summer but its not to be…

  2. Of course, they were teenage girls (both very adult for their age) when I took my daughter & her friend on a part of Route 66 for a vacation. They had a great time! And, so did I! Take the train excursion from Williams, AZ to the Grand Canyon, even if you drive up to the canyon the next day. Stop at hokey sights & motels. Laugh a lot…..

    1. I really, really wanted to do it in a pick up truck …. couldn’t sort the rental from Chicago to LA… probably just as well!! We rented a convertible in California one time. So excited – for about 5 minutes – then we got on the open road and were frozen!! Kept the hood up for most of the trip!! 😂

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