Sculpture Saturday


This weekly challenge is hosted by Mind over Memory


Since joining this challenge a number of weeks ago,  I’ve contributed sculptures made from potatoes and recycled scrap… and now this!!  ( I should check the small print at Mind over Memory in case there are any terms and conditions I’ve been flouting!!!).

Anyway,  as I was trawling back through photos looking for pieces of art,  I came across these masterpieces from our trip to Costa Rica in 2017.   Some staff members at 2 of our lodgings had definitely missed their vocations –









If you’d also like to take part:-

  • Share a photo of a sculpture
  • Link to the  Mind over Memory  post for Saturday Sculpture

11 thoughts on “Sculpture Saturday

  1. Doesn’t it make your heart sing when you walk into your hotel room and find these lovely displays. It does me because it makes me realise the staff aren’t worked till they drop, they have time to be creative. It used to be like this everywhere in S.E. Asia but now it is only in the less-visited places. I remember one place where there were two women hired just to string orchid petals together to make designs for tables and bedrooms. Those were the days!

    1. Thank you! I was going through photos recently and came across them! Its amazing what you ‘see’ when you’re looking for a particular context! XXXMarie

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