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This popular piece in one of Dublin’s busy shopping districts doesn’t honour any local celebs but rather pays homage to everyday life.   Jackie McKenna’s 1988 bronze statue is called ‘Meeting Place‘ (but we prefer the local nickname ‘The Hags With The Bags‘!!). The two ladies have been shopping and are now resting and chatting.   We can see from their bags that they have visited Arnotts – a nearby department store.  (One of the bags was actually stolen shortly after the sculpture’s unveiling – quite an achievement considering its weight!  It was replaced but the bags are now securely attached to the pavement!!!)







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2 thoughts on “Sculpture Saturday

  1. Was in Ireland last summer and saw some of the sculptures: really nice! We also really like the immigration museum. I had been hesitant to travel to Ireland due to the weather, but was surprised how much I liked it (and it hardly rained at all). Funny on my first trip (in my Ireland post) how the headlines in the newspaper were “Heat Wave”, although it was only 23° C. Was fascinated last year when we traveled to northern Ireland (in my post European Summer) by the history of the troubles there until approx. 20 years. Strange that I was so unaware of so many things.

    1. You were lucky with the weather – if planning on coming here, you can never factor in sun or heat – buts its such a bonus when it works out. We get very excited here about ‘extremes’ – either heat (23°!!) or snow!!
      The North is a very interesting place – and beautiful. Its great to be able to travel there again.

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