Sculpture Saturday


I came across this bronze and stone piece at Brandon’s Creek,  County Kerry,  Ireland.  It commemorates the supposed departure of St Brendan for America in the 6th century from this location – some 900 years before Christopher Columbus set sail!







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14 thoughts on “Sculpture Saturday

    1. Oh you cynic!! 😂…. but wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were true! Check out Tim Severin who reconstructed the boat and voyage in the 70’s. And isn’t there a Viking settlement in Newfoundland….. anything is possible!!

      1. It is the same for Icelanders who arrived in Newfoundland around the year 1000, but without realizing the extent of their discovery. At that time there was no CNN to relay their arrival.

  1. Only to go for evangelise but colonisation is something Columbus did in a big way even by later Spaniards like in St Augustine FL. St Brendan church my oldest son was baptised in Ormond Beach FL!

    1. You’re right – it does make a difference…. We were actually at the creek and heading back to the car when I caught sight of the sculpture – almost missed it.

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