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Sculpture for Derry Walls (1987) by Antony Gormley

In 1987, three identical sculptures were placed in particular locations on the walls of Derry overlooking the Foyle river, the Catholic Bogside and the Unionist Fountain Estate. Two cast-iron figures, joined back to back with arms outstretched in a cruciform pose, were placed in such a way as one faces into the walled city and the other faces out. Look through the eyes of one and you see through the eyes of the other.

The figures represent the dominant religious communities in the city. They are turned away from each other but still joined together – divided by religion, culture and politics but united by Christianity and location.

Part of a temporary exhibition, some locals needless to say took exception to the conveyed message. At the end of the exhibition, two pieces were sold abroad but Gormley gifted one of the sculptures to the city.

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10 thoughts on “Sculpture Saturday

  1. It is also the role of artists to enable communities to get to know each other, I hope they will end up looking at each other one day.

    1. Yes I love his work but I think this is actually the first piece I’ve ever seen – apart from pictures, media etc of course.

  2. That’s an interesting sculpture, Marie. I’ve never heard about Gormley before, gonna look up his work. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely evening 😀 Aiva xx

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