6 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

    1. Its usually very busy with tourists but this was taken midweek in early September and the place was nearly deserted thanks to Covid. I’d say the deer have had a quiet summer and possibly venturing into areas they’d normally avoid… XXXMarie

  1. I’m in despair. I’ve done something stupid again with my computer and all the pictures are coming out as washed-out sketches so I can’t really see them! I’m waiting for my repair man to come and help as I’ve wasted enough time on it! It also signs me out about every 30 minutes or so and I have to go gthrough the rigmarole of ID, Password and the wait for the OK to come via my phone. Grrrrr.

    1. Well this summer has been even more eerie – we went down a few times and it was almost deserted. Its really lovely without the crowds. XXXMarie

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