Well I’d a fine time going through photos – I couldn’t believe how much yellow there was to be found once I actually started LOOKING… This is a sample of what I came across….

Probably my favourite … (Fez, Morocco)

Wishful thinking!!!

This monthly challenge comes from Jude at Travel Words. To take part, just post your colour photos and link to Life in Colour


  1. Such a wonderful selection, Marie, and yellow is so apt as the beautiful daffodils are just peeking out here @FuchsiaLaneFarm. Well done! Is that the Brisbane Yellow Submarine of which I have super memories?

    1. Must be lovely around the lake Inez – or have you snow?…. which of course is also lovely!!!
      No – not Brisbane Yellow Submarine – I had to look that up …. is it a hostel??? Which photo are you referring to???

  2. As a soundtrack to your post I listened on YouTube to Donovan singing Mellow Yellow…”I’m just mad about Saffron / Saffron’s mad about me” [etc etc]. Not heard it for maybe 25 years, so thank you for the inspiring me to revive the memory!

    1. Me too!!! We’ve been – 4 times I think – and will definitely go back when ‘ this’ is all over. Still bits to explore. XXXMarie

    1. They’re beginning to pop their heads up….. and isn’t there a great stretch in the evenings….hope most of this bad weather patch is bypassing Sligo! XXMarie

      1. Will there be internal travel do you think? If so it’ll probably be great – fewer visitors. Do you drive up or fly?

      2. I’m sure there will. We’ve driven to the Lisbon/Coimbra area but flew to Porto last time. Only an hour flight. In any case they need us to book hotels etc. The country will be in a bad way after this. 😕💕

  3. This is a fun post! It’s great that you were able to find so much yellow in your collection! Nice to see the famous Camden Lock sign make an appearance too!

  4. The yellow challenge was loads of fun, wasn’t it? I particularly like the dirt road pathway bordered by the tall yellow flowers. It will not be soon enough if/when we can travel again. For now, it will have to be through the wonderful world of blogging I suppose. 🙂 Thank you for the follow too. 🙂

    1. I was surprised at how much yellow I found – its lovely spending time going through photos for an activity like that. ANd yes –

      1. oops … was trying to get rid of that capital N and hit SEND… Was about to say that apart from the blog being my only ‘travel’ outlet at the moment, I must admit that blogging has been a welcome distraction this past year.

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