Each week, Dr. B from Buddha Walks into a Wine Bar selects a single theme to point our cameras at or to encourage us to display a few photos from our collections. I certainly don’t present myself as a photographer but I’m happy to root through my photos and select the most passable!!!

This week’s challenge is SPORT

This was a challenge! My initial reaction was to ‘sit this one out’ but I did find something to submit. The following are sporting activities from the waters around Ireland – be it her lakes, rivers, the Irish Sea or the Atlantic Ocean – water we have aplenty!!!

Surf School, Tramore, Co Waterford

Sailing Camp, Dun Laoghaire Harbour, Co. Dublin

Kite-surfing, County Kerry

Wind surfing, Co. Kerry

Horseriding, Co. Kerry

Ready to dive in…. swimming, Co. Waterford.

A lone fisherman, Co. Kerry……..

….or a pleasure shared…..

…or a social occasion.

Wake boarding, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin

Finally Dr. B…. any bonus points for recycling???? Here’s a photo I used for ‘Bridges’ last week I remembered the rowers passing underneath the Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin so its getting another airing!!!

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  1. Err …… no bonus sorry, points deducted for being late over the bridge😂. In our village we have a Halfpenny bridge over the Thames, so called as it was a toll bridge in the 1700s and that was the toll. So, points returned if you tell me why yours has that name?

    1. Late!!! Its only Friday!!!😅
      Triple points for this please…….
      The enterprising William Walsh owned not one but seven ferries to transport Dubliners from one side of the Liffey to the other.  For this service they paid the handsome fare of a half penny.   As his ferries began to show their age and need repair,  Walsh was told to renovate them or build a bridge.  He decided to go ahead with the bridge – even though it would cost him the princely sum of £3,000!   The bridge had turnstiles at either end and those wishing to cross were charged a half penny – the same amount they’d paid for the ferry.  Although the toll (which by now had risen to a penny ha’penny) was dropped about a hundred years later in 1919,   this will always be known as The Ha’penny Bridge.

      1. You’re on my list now for a guest theme! So, think carefully and send me your idea via my contact page. Think carefully…. it will be in about 4 weeks.

      2. Do think carefully about things that followers can participate in, takes them out of their comfort zone a little, maybe something to learn from, and maybe something not necessarily in their archives.

      1. I had a boyfriend once who was a keen fisherman. I did try fly fishing a couple of times – I liked trying to get the fly to land as gently as possible. But on the whole I found it dull so I would take a good book and sit by the river reading while he fished – much more pleasurable!

  2. An diverse collection of sports – and in such stunning places!
    I think my favourite is the horse riding capture – it’s so captivating!

    1. It looks idyllic doesn’t it. All the photos are from our own coastlines – maybe you’ll make it here one day….. XXXMarie

      1. They are a lovely peek of Ireland’s coasts – so stunning!

        We actually visited Dublin quite a few decades ago, just for a week, and we loved it. Loving Husband went to de la Salle secondary school with Irish brothers, so Ireland has a special place in his heart.

        We would certainly hope to be back to visit.

      2. Ah that’s great – glad you liked it here. There’s still quite a few De la Salle schools here – at least a dozen I’d say. Not sure if there are many brothers left though. XXXM

      3. I know, right? We don’t have very many Brothers left here either. I think the Religious are just dwindling every where.

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