Wish you were … NO! Wait!….. Wish I were here!!!!

I’ve ignored it now for 12 months! Talk about rubbing salt in it! You know…. Rediscover this Day….. thank you Google! Its bad enough having no trips in the offing but to be reminded of those halcyon days when it was just ‘where’? – never ‘when’?

So I shall share my pain with you all until I’m back in the air…. I know … so thoughtful of me!!

So what have we today….

I’m told that this day 3 years ago we were in Rabat, Morocco….

It was the start of a road trip in the north of the country. Before you scream ‘STOP’ and unfollow me, don’t panic … you won’t be subjected to a day by day whinge …. Just these few photos…

Until my next reminder that is!!!

Greetings from Rabat! March 27th, 2018

16 thoughts on “Wish you were … NO! Wait!….. Wish I were here!!!!

  1. Oh the places we’ve been and the things we have seen, pre Covid. Hope we can get travelling again some day soon Marie. Stay well. Allan

  2. This keeps happening to me on Facebook – so many past trips, so many memories and SO frustrating!! Let’s hope it won’t be too long now …

    1. We were very pleasantly surprised – a lovely town in which to spend a few days. We wanted to go to Volubilis and this was probably the most convenient airport, connection wise, for us but we were glad we got to stay there.

  3. Wish we were all there! It’s great to have these memories to look back on…let’s hope we can start making some more in the near future!

  4. Haven’t been there but it was similar enough to bring back memories of Tunisia.
    Feels like we’re leaving the ‘so much time, too few places’ and entering ‘so many places, too little time’.
    Great photos. Thank you. X

  5. I wish I was there 😀 three years ago we were in Marrakech for Ericeiras Birthday. Which was two weeks ago. Would love to return one day to explore more of Morocco’s cities 🧡😊

    1. I love the ‘Ericeiras birthday’ bit!!! I doubt she appreciated it at the time!! You’ll have to keep showing her the photos and tell her she’d a great day!! 😅 😂

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