Just look at what you’ll find in Mayo!

Having finally escaped Dublin for a trip to the west of Ireland, you just know that I’m going to flood you with Mayo stuff over the next few weeks! Here’s a taster of what’s to come….

Busy towns….

….and sleepy towns

Small strands…..

…and endless strands!

Cycle trails

Narrow roads…

…and winding roads!

Neolithic walls

Weird landscapes

Round towers

Camper vans

Dry stone walls


Famine memorials

‘Right of Way’ welcoming signs!!!…..

….and useful locator signs!

Harry Clarke


White sand….

….and golden sand


John Wayne

Soft days….

….and sunny days

The ‘Full Irish’

The Wild Atlantic Way

Ceol agus Craic… (well… in ‘normal’ times anyway)


Sea stacks

St. Patrick


A Pirate Queen


Coffee wagons

Fairy trails

Concrete Ships


…..and their achievements


Big houses….

….and not so big


Fancy gates….

….and small doorways

Fine dining……

….and something less formal!


Street art

War relics

Road hogs

Curious natives


Mayo colours



Walking trails

Driving lessons



Sacred mountain pilgrimages


Art installations



Leisure centres


International Shrines


Holy wells


National Parks


Titanic Memorial


….and fishing rivers



Deserted villages


Vintage fixtures



82!!!! Not bad. Don’t panic – I won’t post 82 Mayo blogs – unless I’m really, really stuck of course!!!

30 thoughts on “Just look at what you’ll find in Mayo!

  1. Love this post! So so many great photos! Love the windy roads and the wild landscapes and the “natives”! Those beaches look amazing. I’d say you had a good time!!

  2. When snapshots become encyclopedic. It’s great to see these forgotten scenes coming to the surface like champagne bubbles’.

  3. So many scenes remembered and new. Thanks for sharing the Old Sod with those of us who miss it. Enjoy your away time and stay well Marie. We hope to be back next year. Allan

    1. Glad you enjoyed … leaning a bit more towards the ‘twee’ than I’d intended – but with galleries and restaurants etc closed, we fell back almost totally on the outdoors and traditional images!

  4. Fabulous post. Now I know what the west of Ireland looks like. I will get there one day. I will. If I say that often enough, I may get out of my island prison.

    1. I actually never knew there were so many – and all beautiful. I don’t think, in all my travels, I’ve ever seen such white sand…

    1. I think you’d love the bogs and wet regions – the variety of plants is incredible when you actually start looking… And we’re heading to the Burren in County Clare next month – which has its own ecosystem – you’d have a great time!!!

  5. A photographic feast, no other phrase describes it. I don’t know Mayo at all and I’m amazed at the beaches – especially the white sand one. How lucky that Ireland has such inclement weather, otherwise the strands would be as jam-packed as Benidorm but at the same time, it’s a shame people don’t get to experience them because of the weather. I loved the Famine Memorial – how good was that – but I think my fav photo was the little boat on the steep slipway,quite gorgeous.

    1. We couldn’t get over the beaches Mari – so many of them and all gorgeous. They’re hoping for a good domestic season in July and August but its a tough spot in bad weather – especially with kids….

  6. Thank you for these fabulous photos that awaken memories of great times in western Ireland

    1. Delighted you enjoyed – I’ll be following up on some of them so hopefully there will be something you recognise from your travels….

  7. You could make arguments for plenty of counties across Ireland being the most beautiful, Kerry, Wicklow, Galway, to name but a few, but County Mayo is definitely one of them. You are never too far from the sea, there are plenty of gorgeous towns and villages and traffic really isn’t an issue out West. Can you tell me the name of the waterfall, please, Marie? Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xxx

    1. We spent 8 and a half days there and didn’t see everything – couldn’t believe it…. I assumed we’d be heading into Sligo – I had some of your walks ready!
      The waterfall is in Tourmakeady Woods – there’s a nice trail there…

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