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This month we will be looking for Blue. A primary colour that we look upon almost every day. But don’t forget about the different hues which include indigo and ultramarine, cyan and the other blue-greens such as turquoise, teal, and aquamarine. Blue also varies in shade or tint; darker shades of blue include ultramarine, cobalt blue, navy blue, and Prussian blue; while lighter tints include sky blue, azure, and Egyptian blue.

This monthly challenge comes from Jude at Travel Words. To take part, just post your colour photos and link to Life in Colour

17 thoughts on “LIFE IN COLOUR PHOTO CHALLENGE 2021: July– blue

    1. Thank you Aletta – as usual I start off thinking I’ve very little but so far have managed to put together quite a few….

  1. What a brilliant selection! I love the set of blue houses near the middle (Jodhpur?) and the blue tiled church above (somewhere in Portugal?) The projection on a building I recognise, as I have a very similar photo from that event in London a few years ago 🙂

    1. The houses are in Chefchaouen in northern Morocco….. you’d love it!! The blue church is in Porto…The Xmas projection is on City Hall in Dublin – just last Xmas I think….

      1. Thanks for clarifying 🙂 Yes, from your photos it’s clear I would love Chefchaouen, and Porto is on my radar for sure. That projection is so like the one I saw in London that I mistook it for the same thing!

      2. Very possible that Dublin bought the lights from London! Wish I were in Chefchaouen right now – its absolutely bucketing down here…. heatwave over and we’re heading to the south west on Friday!! Typical!😖

      3. It’s turned very changeable here after last week’s heatwave. We’re going away for a few days next week (Liverpool) so hoping for an improvement!

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