19 thoughts on “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY

  1. The never-ending road. I still cannot comment or ‘like’ your posts for some reason. I can now do so on all the others I follows but for some reason yours is forbidden to me. I’ve managed this time by posting via my Google account but that means me signing in to Google, having them verify it’s me on my mobile – a veritable nightmare just to say ‘good post’. I can’t do this for every post and I am losing the will to live. When I make a comment on yours and hit Post Comment I get a mini-page come up with Jetpack headings. I shall go back to WP and try them again, but so far they haven’t been able to help me.

    1. Ok … I haven’t blocked you or anything ( I think!!!) so no idea what’s going on…. but don’t worry – I know you love me anyway😅 😂

  2. Hi Marie, I’ve just spent about an hour on the helpline with WP and I’m not getting very far. They think you may have made some changes to your site that is preventing me accessing the comment box via WP. Is this true? They say they cannot discuss this with me as your site is private to you (the usual). Another one I regularly comment on (toonsarah) they tell me isn’t hosted by them. I really feel someone somewhere is gas-lighting me! Now I shall hit the Google button and fill in my email, my password, wait for the ping on my mobile, then hit Yes it’s me, and hope that you eventually get this message! Ye gods, who would have thought technology could be so frustrating.

    1. I’ve honestly no clue…. Looking back – the last time everything was ok as such was July 20th I think …. on that date all your previous comments were tallied as approved – you can see that this one is back to 1 approved (under your picture). I’m going away for a week and I’ll get on to them when I get back to see if I hit some button and blocked you… which sounds like what they are implying…. Whatever I did Marie was certainly NOT intentional – if I did something to your access I’ve probably done it to others also!!! Leave it with me…..

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