From Jude:

The world is a kaleidoscope of colour so this month let’s celebrate that with the brightest / most colourful images you can find. (Something that is made up of a lot of different and frequently changing colours or elements)

A big thanks to Jude for this great challenge – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my monthly searches and hope you all enjoy this colourful finale…

This monthly challenge comes from Jude at Travel Words. To take part, just post your colour photos and link to Life in Colour


  1. Wow, what a collection, and as always you’ve grouped them so carefully 😀 I loved seeing a Lilac Breasted Roller among the set, one of my favourite birds! And did I spot some tiles from Seville’s Real Alcazar or do they just look very similar?

  2. Great collection here, my only complaint being that I wanted some titles as I was racking my brain trying to figure out where some of these photographs were taken. The canal one, for instance, I first though Milan then I spotted the bridge at the end and I’m sure there was no bridge there.

    1. For a while I hardly had anything – which confirmed for me that I’m rather a monochrome person!! But in theGood fun… end I’d loads….

      1. For me, the majority of my photos are nature orientated, but nowadays, thanks to this great challenge, I’m more aware of other interesting things, and my photography now includes these!

      2. And the great thing about those photos is that you can ‘recycle’ them over and over for different challenges – I’m constantly amazed at what I find in my photos once I have a prompt to follow….

  3. I did a double maybe triple take here – scrolling down your photos, there in front of my eyes is the multi coloured hotel building with a Claro phone shop beneath. As I am scrolling through your post today, that is EXACTLY the view I’m looking at out of our hotel window!! Right now we are in the Hotel Balmoral, in San Jose in Costa Rica, looking straight out on to that exact view!! I could scarcely believe my eyes! Coincidence or what!?!

    1. NO WAY!!!! That’s brilliant!!! Except I’m madly jealous!!! We were there spring 2017 – gosh almost 5 years!! WE stayed close by – not the Balmoral but I couldn’t put a name on the hotel to save my life..
      have a great time…. XXXXMarie

    1. Yes – and grouped colours evoke a different sensation to the individuals… Hope all is well with you in Sligo.. I’m sure Ericera is very excited at this stage….

      1. She is indeed, Marie 🎄❄️ you wouldn’t find anyone more excited about Christmas than a five year old 😂 all the kids are allowed to wear Christmas jumpers to school tomorrow and, apparently, they are going to drink hot chocolate with marshmallows – it always amazes me how little they need to be happy ❄️🎄

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