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    1. Sticking in my two penn’orth! I found the history in Boston interesting but as a city didn’t think it was a patch on NYC! Maybe it’s too ‘English’, like much of New England???

      1. Ooh no, not New York. Hated it, felt unwelcome and ill-at-ease, probably my least favourite place in the whole US (and I’ve been to all 50 states). But to be clear I feel pretty much the same about London, despite being born there. Really liked Philadelphia though, but somehow have never made it to Boston (other than the airport)…one day, maybe!

      2. LOVE New York! Must have been there 8/10 times over the years – which probably makes it our most visited place in the world. Always just for a few days and love to return there. London we’d visited on and off years ago and then ignored apart from its airports but we rediscovered it a few years back and had started revisiting (pre covid of course) – and like NYC, picking a new ‘neighbourhood’ each time. Was hoping to go in February but not too sure ….

      3. Maybe I was just unlucky when we went to NYC…it was 20+ years ago, shortly before 9/11. Maybe it’s mellowed? You’re right about London “neighbourhoods”…there’s much more to the place than Trafalgar Square and Tower Bridge. But having grown up there I think I’ve seen all I need to see, and there so much more left in the world (and even in the UK) still to explore.

      4. Guess we’re all different – New York is one of my favourite cities, along with Paris. And I too was born in London but I still love it!

      5. I love all 3 – they’re places that you visit once, get the main sights out of the way, and then can go back again and again and always find something new.

      6. I’d love a trip to NYC – our son was here a while ago and we were all saying how much we’re due a visit….

    2. It’s very different to NYC. Just like Sarah, we love New York. We’ve been several times over the years and love revisiting places and adding something new – there’s always something new. We chose Boston for New Year a few years back – a big factor being a direct flight from Dublin – and felt it was a place we’d like to see. It’s history is interesting and its nice for a few days. But I’ve no inclination to return there, apart from using it as a gateway to New England which is part of the US we’d like to visit one day. So certainly worth a visit but in combination with somewhere else….

    1. It was really beautiful but soooo cold – and of course we didn’t have the proper gear. There was a weather warning a day or 2 beforehand to stay indoors because of low temperatures. But sure we were only there for a few days so had to get out and about. You’d definitely be better off in your dining room!!!!

  1. Wow, looks amazing, Marie. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Boston due to its cultural attractions like the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and quality of life. I would like to visit one day to see Boston’s North End and Fort Hill neighbourhoods where Irish Immigrants first settled. It’s hard to imagine that many of these early Irish arrivals worked as indentured servants to pay for their passage, typically earning their freedom after seven years. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva

    1. The city is of huge interest to anyone with an Irish connection. Funnily enough, I cannot think of anyone I know who has emigrated there. Lots of family members and friends have gone to Chicago or NYC over the years but none to Boston.

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