8 thoughts on “Shoreline Trios!

  1. Yep! I’ll take all three – especially that beach. You know, I never thought of myself as a beach person but now, what I wouldn’t give for a deck chair on a sandy beach with a nearby bar or a waiter to keep me supplied with cold drinks during the day, a good book and the occasional bit of conversation! It’s the sybaritic life for me when this is over!

    1. I can’t take the sun – I burn like a crisp – but I love the beach nonetheless. Can’t do the towel thing any more – need the chair or the bed – add the umbrella and a book and I won’t move for the day. Always love a few days like that at the end of a trip – ⛱ 🍹📚

  2. Such beautiful photos, Marie, I could never get enough of the rugged Irish coast – can I ask where was the third photo taken? 🙂 Makes me want to head to the beach, pity it’s drizzling today 🙂

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