Here are some of the 3-arch stone bridges which grace Dublin’s River Liffey.

Constructed under British rule in the 18th and 19th centuries, they would have replaced older river crossings. Like most bridges spanning the river, they were named after British royalty or Ireland’s Lord Lieutenant of the time. After the declaration of the Free State in 1922, such bridges were renamed to honour national heroes from the fight for independence (nowadays, bridges names tend to reflect our literary heritage) .

Mellows Bridge –Old man of the River – was constructed between 1764 -1768 and is the longest surviving structure of all the Liffey bridges in the city.

When Richmond Bridge was completed in 1816, the fact that it was wider (at almost 15 metres) than any bridge in London was highly revered! Since 1922, it has been named for the nationalist hero, Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa.

O’Connell Bridge marks the very heart of the city. But that’s not its only claim to fame – at circa 45m long and 50m wide, it’s the only traffic bridge in Europe that is wider than it is long!

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24 thoughts on “LIFFEY TRIOS!

  1. If I close my eyes and remember the few times I’ve walked across the Halfpenny Bridge knowing that in a few minutes I’ll be washed away by the revelry of Temple Bar, I have two instant memory flashes. 1) A tingle of excitement and 2) oh for God’s sake it’s p*ssing down again….!

  2. Interesting old bridges and I didn’t know the history of the change of names. Like most people I’m only familiar with O’Connell Bridge as when I’ve been in Dublin I tended to linger in the heart of the city.

    1. As they continue to regenerate along the river, it’s turning into a very attractive walk in both directions from O’Connell Bridge. But that is still really THE landmark spot…

      1. Only once, Marie, but my visit was very brief. I lived in Smithfield, in an apartment right across from the Jameson Distillery for many years and always chose to walk to Dublin city centre along the River Liffey. There was always something exciting to see along the way…

      1. I think we’re all guilty of taking our everyday surroundings for granted aren’t we… Although there’s no doubt but that Covid has opened our eyes a bit…

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