12 thoughts on “BOOZY TRIOS!

  1. Great collection! I haven’t seen Mateus for years 🙂 When I was first going out with my husband, very many moons ago, we would buy that from the local supermarket to have with our Sunday dinner. I can’t imagine having rose with that now! Give me the Tanquery instead please 😆

    1. It was actually much nicer than I remembered.. although to be fair, I was sitting in the sun – in Portugal -at the estate which is on the label – on the first day of the hols… What’s not to like!!!!

  2. Love it. Mateus was our drink of choice in University. We thought we were so grown up. Turns out that it’s still a pretty good rose but I haven’t bought it in years.

    1. Mateus was the Rose of choice – Blue Nun or Golden Oktober for white!!! We never drank red as I recall!! Ah …. the good ole days!!

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