14 thoughts on “SILENT SUNDAY

    1. You joking!!!! It was actually a beautiful bright day as you can see – it was SO windy we had to abandon our walk and leave the beach….. and there they were – stripping off and plunging right in! The wind chill when they left the water must have turned them to stone!!😅 😂 🤣

  1. I actually looked up the temperature that day over there! Seemed a bit nippy for a dash in but not the craziest idea in the world! The wind would be worse than the water of course.

    1. We were heading to the south east for an overnighter. it was gorgeous when we left Dublin and of course the car was lovely and cosy. Our first plan of the day was for a lovely walk along the beach. You can see the sky – We couldn’t believe the wind on the beach – it was so unpleasant we gave up on it quite quickly… It didn’t seem to bother the bathers –

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