I spotted the seat under the walls of Thessaloniki a few months back….

……. and found it occupied the next time I passed by!

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10 thoughts on “PULL UP A SEAT PHOTO CHALLENGE 2022

  1. That cat is chillin’ like a boss


  2. Catching up, like I said. You’ve been to Thessaloniki! It’s been on my list for ages but I’ve got to find someone who wants to go there with me and so far there are no takers. Is it me?

    1. Its nice for a couple of days. We were in Greece (mainland) for 17 nights – haven’t written anything yet -and included 3 nights /2 days there. it’s very popular now thanks to Ryanair… There’s enough for a mini break – a nice prom walk and some old walls etc… I’ve only met one person who didn’t like it but they had rotten weather…

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