Athens – definitely more on offer than an Acropolis Selfie!!

I’m heading back to the ship

What? Now?

I’ll get a taxi.

Are you sure – its only 11.15

It’s fine – I’ve been to the top already.

But what about the other stuff

Naw, I’m good -I’ve seen the main thing – I’ll catch you later.

And THAT was the conversation, on our way up to the Acropolis, between the 2 women in front of us and another who met them on her way down.

Oh Dear!

I’m not going to try to sell Athens to you! I shouldn’t have to – but just imagine what she missed!!!………

Small Stuff

From Airport to Town

The METRO brings you directly from the airport to Monasteraki Square. The journey takes about 45 minutes and costs €16 return.

Where we Stayed

Our Airbnb was a FOUR MINUTE walk from the Metro. Ermou Fashion Suites cost us €276 for 4 nights. The location was perfect – we could walk everywhere but the real perk was being able to nip back whenever we needed a break from the heat.

Getting Around

Foot is best but, if walking everywhere proves too much, most major attractions are withing walking distance of a Metro Station.


This was the start of a 17 night trip to mainland Greece which included:






Halkidiki Peninsula

20 thoughts on “Athens – definitely more on offer than an Acropolis Selfie!!

  1. Travelling is not for everyone, which is what makes real travellers like you so special. It is sure that you loved Athens, as I did, your photos go far beyond the … main thing.

    1. Ah thank you. You’re absolutely right – it’s not for everyone – we’ve so many pals who’d hate our trips with a passion! They cannot understand why anyone would spend a holiday on the move!

  2. I think Athens is a place where you need to stay awhile and explore to get how great it is. Dig into the soul of the city. I love it, but I was there for some time. People on those tours are often just living in a passing postcard.

    1. That probably applies to most major cities doesn’t it. I’ve never spent very long in any one place, but have managed to return to some cities more than once – which is great because you can forget about the ‘tourist’ sites and dig deeper as you say….

  3. It’s sad that some people travel only to tick places off a list – I’m sure they would be happier just staying at home. Your photos certainly illustrate what she missed out on – buckets of history, great food, beautiful street art and perhaps a bit of shopping 🙂

  4. Such a great post with so many beautiful photos from one of the most amazing places on earth, even if you are not a history buff, Marie 🙂 Sadly, many people are obsessed with tracking how many countries and most famous tourist sites they have visited followed by the desire to “tick them off.” without even seeing much. This is not Pokemon, where the aim is to catch them all, it should be an exercise in expanding your horizons, experiencing different cultures, stepping out of your comfort zone and seeing how life is led around the world.

    1. Even an hour or two walking through the streets below the Acropolis would have been a worthwhile experience. I know those excursions are not cheap – she wasn’t even interested in getting value for her money if nothing else!

  5. One of my favourite cities in the world, there is so much to do you could go there hundreds of times and not see it all. What that woman said is insane….how on earth can that be the ambition when in a new city, just to get to the top and get back on the cruise ship! Madness!

  6. I hope they find your blog because they missed a lot! I was only in Athens 24 hours with my family but we saw a TON! What a shame to travel to a new place and not take advantage of all the sights and adventures.

    1. Isn’t it amazing what you can fit in to a well planned day….. Whenever we visit a place for a day, we just keep going until we practically drop! But that’s ok – there’s always time to rest up elsewhere. I’m always sorry though if I don’t get to see the place at night – especially if it’s a busy spot with daytrippers..

  7. I’ve visited it a long time ago. I remember the heat, stray dogs, trash on the streets. and of course magnificent ancient Greek remains. and a wonderful party and most fun hosts;)

    1. Ha – we were last there in ’82! We could remember the ruins and the Plaka but very little else. I know it was my birthday and we had octopus in a rooftop restaurant – which was a major extravagance – but neither of us could remember where that might have been. Nor could we remember anything about our accommodation… ah … senior moments!!!!!!

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