A few days after her Feast Day I know but I came across this little tribute to St Brigid in Dublin’s Botanic Gardens this afternoon….

Brat Bhríde – Brigid’s Cloak

Brigid approached the King of Leinster requesting some land on which to build a monastery. She had selected a place in Kildare which suited her needs – it had a lake for water, forest for firewood and a fertile plain for farming. The King refused her request of course. Brigid and her followers prayed for help and she made her request again – this time asking “Give me as much land as my cloak will cover.”

Much amused, the king granted her request. Brigid lay down her cloak which began to spread out across the fields and woods until she had sufficient land for her monastery. The King, realising that this woman was truly blessed by God, kept his promise. She built her monastery circa 470AD. As for the king – he converted to Christianity and became a patron of the monastery, assisting Brigid with money, food and gifts.

Elsewhere in the Gardens on this gorgeous afternoon – alas I’d just my phone with me….

16 thoughts on “BRAT BHRÍDE

    1. I taught in a St Brigid’s school (a different one from above) for 36 years so particularly loved the interpretation of the story…

    1. I was there once last year but before that it was literally decades – shameful really – no excuse and both being retired we can avoid the weekend – we came away determined to visit more often…

    1. I don’t know how close that school is to the Gardens. What a great facility for them. Like you, I loved such activity….I taught in a very built up area with only limited green space for the 4/5 year olds to walk to. Mind you, whenever we did venture out, the strategic challenge with a class of 30 or 32 boys was exhausting to say the least!!! Do I miss all that?? NO!!!

      1. I loved them all to bits. It’s a single sex school and I spent my full career there so I never knew anything else!

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