1. Lucky for me that yours is one of the few posts that WP is letting me know about, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen this one which has been fun to do. I tried to avoid the obvious ones ending in ‘ing’ and at one point I thought I might have to do two ‘G’ words that you had used but I managed to avoid them in the end. I loved your jump to ‘veg’, that really was inspired!

    1. I was like you – avoiding the ‘ing’s but then saw the rigging photo …. but it’s not quite the same thing!!! I’m glad you’re at least getting this challenge – it’s a lovely way to spend a while looking through photos etc…..

    1. I’m quite sure I’ve used it several times!!! And… I’m sorry to admit that the photo was taken in the wonderfully exotic city of … Las Vegas!!! Ah Well 😂 🤣

      1. hee hee still shiny and pretty – and yes I’ve been to Las Vegas once, and enjoyed the bling there, too. 🙂

      2. We really enjoyed Las Vegas – OTT, mad, vulgar, yes of course – but so extraordinary in the middle of nowhere and fun for a few nights – We were first there in 1989(I think!) – we spent our time collecting 2 for 1 coupons for the buffets – which were only about $3.99 anyway and I remember the jingling of the coins at the slot machines. We returned in 2019 – well certainly no more $3.99 buffets and the machines are silent – issuing paper chits for winnings – ah the good ole days!!!!!

      3. I can’t remember exactly the year we were there, but at least 10 years ago. It was for my daughter and son in law’s wedding. They got married at the Paris Hotel Chapel. We had a great time seeing the sights of the town. Sounds like you had a great time, too. 🙂

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