21 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

    1. A covid discovery for us – a bit too far for a weekend break from Dublin but we’ll definitely go back there….

  1. Just imagine, if you had the weather, how many unwanted tourists you’d have on those beaches! I can see it now, deck-chairs with one inch between them, red, white and bronzed bodies adrift in a sea of inflatable toys, children, and picnic hampers, and overflowing waste-bins along the dunes!

    1. The only thing we don’t have is guaranteed sun – sure that’s mostly why we leave here at all… The beaches are so amazing they’d definitely attract massive development – even if we are hanging off the edge of Europe. Still – you’d fit plenty of deckchairs on this beach!!!!

  2. Ireland is as special as its folklores. Thanks for sharing the beautiful beachy scenes.

    1. It is indeed. I think we’ve something like circa 300 beaches – not all like this of course but it’s a beautiful coastline….

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