28 thoughts on “Lamego Doors

  1. Welcome to Thursday Doors. Nothing like showing up with some wonderful photos to share. I love the close ups of the details in that entrance, I can’t imagine the work and skill required. Thanks for joining us and for sharing these photos.

    1. I think so too – and no one was paying the least bit of attention to it when we were there. There are famous steps close by which attract visitors to the town – I think people concentrate on them…

      1. As a teacher, I spent my life traveling in peak season – imagine the horror of Italy in early August!!! Because I knew no better, I assumed that travel outside the season would be too dull and quiet. Since retirement, we’ve had a few June trips – like this one to Portugal – just brilliant!!! The main sights are nowhere near as crowded and less popular places like this one are almost empty…. bliss!!!

    1. Thanks Sheree – I’ve finally embraced the challenge – I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at your Thursday Doors and said ‘ I must do that@!!!

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