30 thoughts on “CORDOBA DOORS

  1. Gorgeous, all of them. I don’t think I photographed one of those when I was last there and the time before that I was fighting off a stomach bug! You’ve shown me what I missed.

    1. I wasn’t thinking ‘door’ when we were walking about so imagine what I could have found if actually looking!

  2. These are all such beautiful doors, Marie 🙂 during my travels, I always look for unique doors, doors with character, doors that make the observer think how old is that door? Who passed through that door? What did the artisan go through to create that door? What goes on behind that door? Cheers, and I hope you are enjoying the wonderful sunshine xx

    1. I love the craftmanship and detail – and, as someone living in a housing estate, I always love the variety on any given street…
      Have a wonderful weekend Aiva – plenty of sunblock!!!

  3. I love taking pictures of doors and too funny that you would choose Cordoba as after a trip to Spain …and lots of door photos…I made a collage of them and had it printed and framed. I actually recognize a couple of your lovely photos!

    1. The collage is a great idea! I’m determined to start getting photos printed again – Ah the joys when the packages of photos would arrive back from the developers – mostly awful of course but there’d be enough to compile a holiday collage… I miss that … But you’ve prompted me now!!

  4. The magic of doors seems to be one’s imagination of what lies inside beyond them. Privacy and protection strike me as most wanted qualities here.

    1. Absolutely – except in Cordoba, many patios are open to the public and visitors are encourages to peep inside… the owners are very proud of what they’ve created and are delighted to show them off…

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