This is the Ice House – or what’s left of it – in 18th century Florence Court in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

This was a luxury that only the larger houses could afford. Ice was collected during the winter from streams and ponds and packed here into a lower chamber. Meat, fish and dairy products were kept here, nicely chilled by the ice. There would have been a drain hole at the bottom for the melting ice water. It was built on a north facing slope and, thanks to thick stone walls and a further covering of earth and vegetation, ice could survive here until well in to the summer months!

And here’s another (less interesting111) door from the estate!!!!!!

14 thoughts on “THURSDAY DOORS

  1. I’m always fascinated by ice houses and how effective they were. I wonder what it would have been like had they experienced our rather milder winters back then? A lot less ice to collect I suspect!

    1. My thoughts exactly Sarah. When reading about it I just couldn’t visualise the amount of ice required – It would certainly be a challenge nowadays – apart from the odd cold spell….

    1. It’s wonderful to know they still exist, Aiva. I’d love to see one of them – still haven’t made it to Latvia. Hope you’re having a lovely summer, despite the weather!!

    1. And Aiva says they still exist in Latvia – how cool is that!! (eh – no pun intended!😂) You’ll have to add that to your list…

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