CWWC: Steps or Stairs

Couldn’t decide on one so opted for 2 indoor and 2 outdoor scenes this week….

Diego Rivera’s stairway mural in Mexico City….

Livraria Lello – Porto’s famous staircase that supposedly inspired J.K. Rowling….

Morocco’s blue city of Chefchaouen might be famous for its doors and walls but the steps aren’t bad either!

All smiles at the base of Braga’s Bom Jesus de Monte….

….. I wasn’t smiling after the 577 steps, that’s for sure!

13 thoughts on “CWWC: Steps or Stairs

    1. Thank you Marilyn – glad you enjoyed. I’m actually a terrible moan on steps – hate them!! So I usually drag myself up and if they are in any way narrow at all I hold everyone up!

    1. Now I’m REALLY envious of that trip of yours – especially as it has not stopped raining here all day!! Tomorrow morning I’ll be thinking of you at breakfast – all those lovely jams and that orange juice!! You’ll take SO many photos – every back alley and laneway is worth a look…. Looking forward to reading all about it..

  1. Wow! Absolutely stunning Stairways! Especially “Livraria Lello – Porto’s famous staircase that supposedly inspired J.K. Rowling…” Absolutely Gorgeous!!! 😍😍.

    1. Thanks Jenny. That bookshop stairs really is impressive isn’t it. Unfortunately for the shop, most visitors go in for photos – not purchases – so now there is a ticket system –

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