CWWC: Signs

So where are we going? Busy crossroads in County Kerry (don’t you love the little graveyard stuck into the corner!)

Something a bit quieter….Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos

I wonder what Council official was given the task of naming these roads in Cabopino, Spain…

….I have to wave the Irish flag for our Dublin boys…..

….not forgetting THE BOSS of course ( get well soon Bruce!)

28 thoughts on “CWWC: Signs

  1. All the signs in front of the little graveyard made me chuckle. Assuming that’s not your final destination, you could get anywhere from there!

    1. There were plenty more as I recall – that’s all the photos I have. I wonder if the names influence potential purchasers – would it put someone off living on a street named after a band they absolutely hate!!😅 😂 🤣

  2. I love the tortoise crossing sign! I sometimes wish I’d made a point of photographing all the ‘animals crossing’ signs I’ve seen around the world, it would quite a collection 😆 And those streets in Cabopino are fun too. I wonder how they chose which artists to feature? Just one person’s favourites, or did a whole council department get to nominate them???

    1. I have a camel and the usual deer etc but yes – even in more recent years I pass something interesting and think ‘sure I’ll see another one’ and never do! As for the names – I don’t know what to think! Either some council member had great imagination or none whatsoever!!!

  3. I love the tortoise crossing it. Putting some in my South Florida home area would be a good way to slow down the crazied fast past of traffic.

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