Thursday Doors

The Kucuk Hasan Pasha Mosque is the oldest Ottoman building in Crete.

Located in the old Venetian Harbor of Chania, it was built in 1645 on the grounds of a former church. Because of its situation – close to where ships loaded and unloaded their cargo – it became known as Yali Mosque (Waterfront Mosque) or Hamal Mosque (the Mosque of the Heavers).

It functioned as a mosque until 1923 and the minaret was destroyed in 1939. Nowadays, the space is used for art exhibitions.

14 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

    1. No it was closed …..
      And I’ve just realised this is Wednesday isn’t it!! – couldn’t figure out why Dan hadn’t posted anything for me to link to!!!😅 😂

    1. Considering how many visitors must pass through it each year, it has managed to retain some character and charm which is quite an achievement.

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