Dublin Holiday World Show 2019

You’d wonder about the relevance of these shows when we can navigate the internet for anything we need and yet I’m still drawn to the exhibition every January.    It’s years since I’ve booked anything there but its just nice to actually talk to tour operators now and then!   I’ve a huge problem with paying into these fairs but I managed to get freebies and then,  it being a Sunday,  we got on street parking close by and saved on the €7 parking fee.  So far so good!

So what did I pick up (apart from pens,  bags,  eye masks,  sweets and the brochures that will find their way to the recycling bin for Wednesday’s collection!)?


IcelandAir flies from Dublin to several destinations in the US via Reykjavik and offers a free stopover.   The 2 lads on the desk reckon the airline is cheaper than the direct airlines but that can be easily checked out.   We’ve never been to Iceland though and the idea of a 3 day stopover certainly has potential!   They suggested winter months rather than summer – mainly for the Northern Lights – so its one to think about for next year.



Less convinced by the lovely lady on the Bradley Airport stand.   I don’t know how Hartford Connecticut can be considered the heart of New England.   The airport is a few hours from New York and Boston but not any cheaper so I can’t see any advantage in flying there.


I learnt that there is more to the Dominican Republic than all-inclusive resorts.   Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love the concept – but I need to combine it with a bit of travel.  There seems to be lots of potential for a nice trip.  The travel operator wasn’t very positive though about us doing our own driving – something for us to check out.


Spent ages talking to a Sundowners Overland agent about the Trans Siberian Railway!  St. Petersburg to Beijing –  looks amazing.   She has made the trip herself and loved it.   Someday……


There was huge interest in Sri Lanka and deservedly so of course.   Quite a few people sorting itineraries and hotels for that beautiful island.


I’m not sure whether it was ‘Dry January’ hallucinations or not but there seemed to be loads of alcohol samples on offer!


Lots of fabulous ideas for staycations  – every county in Ireland must have been represented.   We spoke with a guy promoting the Fermanagh Lakes  and also with a rep who assured me that I’d be well able for the Waterford Greenway 46km off – road cycling trail.


Perk of the day (apart from free parking!) – The Irish Passport Office were promoting on line applications and had a digital photo booth where we joined a short queue for free passport photos (usually €8).



And of course we always drool at the RV’s!



20190127_143003(‘If we don’t go away anywhere for a few years we could buy one of these?’)


So I came home with plenty to think about.   Next thing is……. heading to London at the weekend and my January Wanderlust has 2 free tickets for the London Holiday and Travel Show……which is only about 20 minutes from our hotel ……. all those brochures, pens and freebies will play havoc with my 10kg baggage allowance!  And Saturday is February 1st – bye bye Dry January!!









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